Monday, 20 August 2012

Just Thought id start a wee blog for my SPL Stadiums that i have created over the years,
i have converted most of them for pes 6 back in the day but the process has got longer with the introduction of lightmaps ann what the amount of stadiums i have released has declined a bit, but hopefully i can release them all for pes2013.

Since motherwell are now in pes2013 ( fully confimred? i dont know) i will start of with Fir Park
Celtic Park and Ibrox stadium im sure can be used easly by changing the bin numbers accordinly to match pes2013, they worked for 2012 so i dont see why they would work for pes2013.

to start off heres a couple of screens of Fir Park in blender

ive still to ad a few background models but dont have much else. once thats done and lightmapped then i have to do the rain/afternoon and night lightmaps, shouldnt be too long as all the lightmaps will be set up, just need to be baked.