Sunday, 9 December 2012

Celtic Park

Well i finally finshed Celtic Park
heres a few screens
Replaces Bristol Mary
just extract rar file to your dt07.img folder

Download: Celtic Park

Next Stadium will be hampden
almost finihsed day fine so will upload a few screens soon

anyway have fun with celtic park and if you can please leave comments or any bug finds,

Thursday, 22 November 2012

PES 2013 Stadium Objects Template

I was asked by PM over on Evo-web if i could uplaod a sort of template for pes2013 so here it is
included in the template is:-
Pitch - all uv layers set up
adboard surround - cant import but can use the lightmap texture in game
Posts - same as above
nets - cant import but looks good.
camera staff benches
individual camera men(standing, sitting and hanging)
players bench
microphones around the pitch(uses adboard lightmap)
also included are some objects from fifa13(cables, boxes, mocrophones, stretchers, fire extinguisher, etc....)

All textures are packed into the blend file,

Download :- Pes2013 Objects

hope this helps anyone wishing to create and import a stadium.

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Fir Park Stadium - Motherwell FC Download

Download Link :- Fir Park Scotland - Motherwell FC

Replaces Rose Park in game,

extract all files to your dt07 kitserver folder

please leave some comments and enjoy


Thursday, 15 November 2012

Celtic Park first import screen

Thought i would share a screen of my Celtic Park first import attempt to pes2013.
updated from previous versions include the following:-
New stewards updated to pes2013 models
Animated managers, photographers and walking man
new baking settings( i feel the old version was much to bright in places)

what do you think?

Fir Park Motherwell 99% Done

Heres some screens of Fir Park Motherwell for pes 2013.
Day Fine And Day Rain completed#
Night versions are about 99% just adding some more lights around the stadium,
hopefully will get it released in a few days time

Thursday, 11 October 2012

Alright troops? Just to let you know that Shawminator has kindly invited me to contribute to this blog. As I've just read from Jenkey that Stadiumserver won't be available till mid-November, I'll hopefully upload a few Scottish grounds over the next few weeks. I think I'll start with Dunfermline and then roll on with conversions from last year's game. Stay with us...

Monday, 20 August 2012

Just Thought id start a wee blog for my SPL Stadiums that i have created over the years,
i have converted most of them for pes 6 back in the day but the process has got longer with the introduction of lightmaps ann what the amount of stadiums i have released has declined a bit, but hopefully i can release them all for pes2013.

Since motherwell are now in pes2013 ( fully confimred? i dont know) i will start of with Fir Park
Celtic Park and Ibrox stadium im sure can be used easly by changing the bin numbers accordinly to match pes2013, they worked for 2012 so i dont see why they would work for pes2013.

to start off heres a couple of screens of Fir Park in blender

ive still to ad a few background models but dont have much else. once thats done and lightmapped then i have to do the rain/afternoon and night lightmaps, shouldnt be too long as all the lightmaps will be set up, just need to be baked.