Thursday, 22 November 2012

PES 2013 Stadium Objects Template

I was asked by PM over on Evo-web if i could uplaod a sort of template for pes2013 so here it is
included in the template is:-
Pitch - all uv layers set up
adboard surround - cant import but can use the lightmap texture in game
Posts - same as above
nets - cant import but looks good.
camera staff benches
individual camera men(standing, sitting and hanging)
players bench
microphones around the pitch(uses adboard lightmap)
also included are some objects from fifa13(cables, boxes, mocrophones, stretchers, fire extinguisher, etc....)

All textures are packed into the blend file,

Download :- Pes2013 Objects

hope this helps anyone wishing to create and import a stadium.

1 comment:

  1. please sow us a tutorial on how to make stadiums in blender it will be great of you

    well ur stadiums are awesome